Adding Motion to Beauty

No matter the medium, we can showcase not only the work but the process you spent years cultivating... in a few minutes. 

The gallery of Cape Cod artists Hillary Osborn and Doug Rugh doubles as a working studio and visitors are welcome to stop by where one of the artists is always at work and observe paintings in progress Locals will recognize many of their favorite spots in landscapes of Cape Cod and the studio is also filled with a variety of still lifes, florals, interiors and portraits. The oil painters are happy to share their knowledge and appreciation of art and oil painting and welcome any questions you might have.


Scargo Pottery in Dennis, Cape Cod allowed me to step into their world and speak to co-owerner and founder's daughter, Tina Hall, about their philosophy and work. This video won 1st place in the Art Category for the Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region.


Having grown up with Michael Magyar and The Glass Studio on Cape Cod, handblown glass has been part of my life since birth. To this day I continue to blow glass and attempt perfecting the craft, which is why this piece holds a special place in me. This video won 2nd place in the Art Category for the Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region. 


Other Artists, Other's Dawn to the Endless Craft & Expression


Magic in the Process 

Seeing how one's work is formed is breathtaking and can only be fully appriciated when witnessed in person. Allow me to help you do the second best thing.