Where the Audible and Visual Meet

Let's make a music video together! 

As long as you have a high quality recording of your song we can get creativity and push the boundaries for both of us. This is a video I made with a local band in Nagoya, Japan called Ghost of Matsubara. We shot this video in a week and had shortly finished after that with an almost $0 budget. I'm always looking to work with musicians so please don't hesitate to reach out and let's see what magic we can make. 


Just Hit Record

We can even go simpler and just allow us to come record some practice session. We'd prefer to still play along with a high quality pre-recorded version, but we are flexible. With the Jack Johnson cover, We played the song 3 times and I synced each version to the best of my ability... and it looks as if i got three cameras recording at once. If you look close you can see that some of the playing is off because its actually connected to a completely different audio track. With the Oyster's original song "Better Off" I again recorded three separate video takes, but we used the first take's audio as the master track and synced it all together after.

We've started to also utilized the music recording studio to not only give you high quality music files, but also a video to go with it! We've done a handful already, but check out Carly Teft and Nick DeLeo. 

We'll always hit limitations but together we'll work past it and make something completely worthwhile from it.