It's Why We Do This

Of course we all have to make a living, but video/photo has always been a pleasure for me and theres ideas and subjects that aren't able to cough up a check, and that's completely fine with me. Every since my days in high school, video has been the most amazing thing in my life: the ability to create worlds within worlds and to make not only myself but others feel. If there's every a script or a concept that merits a visual birth don't ever let an economic barrier prevent it from happening. Do it because we can, Do it because we love it. 

Scorton Creek Ski

My partner Payson always wanted to ski through Cape Cod's Iconic Creek, and so within enough motivation he got together a plan to be up at 5am to catch sunrise and pull his younger brother, Tim through the narrow pathways. With a drone, ronin and handheld we were able to create this incredibly fun and "Cape First" water ski video.

Surfing on Cape

Surfing is something we dabbled in, but always wish we dove in for. So creating this was a sheer pleasure and a wonderful expression of youth and just doing something you love.

*Winner of a Bronze Award by the 38th Telly Awards*


My Ultimate Passion


Though Ultimate players still sometimes wore beads and funny hats and grew their hair long, it slowly was becoming clear that there was something else, something decidedly less groovy, going on out on those fields, something that most didn't acknowledge. It may sound oxymoronic, but there was such a thing as "Ultimate ambition.” The people who played the sport wanted not only to win, but to be considered great at what they did, not just in their own eyes but in the eyes of other players. It was the pursuit of fame, really, though a fame closer to the ancient Greeks than People magazine, existing only among the bands of players from around the country who, re-telling stories of great players and great plays, created the oral tradition through which, in those dark days before iPhones, the sport was remembered. Just go play this amazing sport already!


Explosive Assault on the Bees

As we know some of the best things we do are not planned. This was was one of them, also explosions... they make anything better... except war. War is sad. 

Favorite Local Spot

Talbot's Point in Sandwich, Cape Cod has brought my mind to peace and moments with friends countless times. People forget about the woods and the marsh when we are constantly reminded of the beach, and also forget how majestic it is. 

Day Trip to P'town

With my Co-worker Nick, we got to do a little video trip to the iconic Cape town and got some local feedback.


Shellfishing Cape Cod

Recreational Shellfishing is a long and valued tradition on Cape Cod. For under $50 you can get your own license in your respective area and go out and catch your own meals. Take part in the historic tradition and one of the many reasons to be on Cape Cod year round.


Chasing Hollywood

Bathroom Boys (2017)

One boy feels not quite right, another boy helps his fellow new boy, while a third boy confirms it. And some girls take some shots while they wait for boys to finish their boy things. 

Shoot Out (2014)

Our capstone final, a thematic adaptation of Stanley Kubrick. Shawn Kelly, Stephany Abou-Jaoude and myself made this original movie in about a month for our senior seminar class about Stanley Kubrick. Although the plot is original, the themes and characters are all influenced by Kubrick and his films. We wanted to create our own creation, but taking many elements from the material we studied all semester. 

The Goose with the Golden Eggs (2013)

A modern day interpretation of Aesop's fable, The Goose with the Golden Eggs. Paul finds out that he has the ability to defecate money, and this creates some serious tension between him and his close friend Gerald. 

In case you thought I was born with a natural talent for video production...

Now you can confirm that thought with...

Power Rangers Vs. The Swamp Monster (2009)