Make it Last for Infinity

You spent countless hours preparing for the inevitable day, why let it fly by? Event coverage is not my favorite thing to capture, but i can't doubt it's importance. Something where many or few took the time to make happen deserves to not only be caught on camera, but done in the most cinematic way possible. Let's make that happen together. 


Martha's Vineyard Film Fest 2017

In the middle of winter 2001, Thomas Bena and a group of friends were desperate for good movies. They had rented nearly every VHS tape and DVD at the local video store, and the two Island movie theaters were only showing mediocre blockbusters. Although Thomas had never even been to a film festival, he asked his friends to help him create an alternative movie experience—one that would feature fantastic films, exotic food, art, and music.


Beer Banner Beach Blanket Bonanza 2016 (Cape Cod Beer)

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Cape Cod Beer??!

Cape Cod Beer united with Cape Cod Airfield to run a summer campaign of flying the Cape Cod Beer banner over the beaches of Cape Cod. Take a pic of the banner and earn a chance to win some prizes.